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EZ Auction - Run your own Internet Auction site!

Quantity Starting at just $99.95!

Run your own auction on the Internet! With EZ Auction you can create your own live auctions and sell items using a web browser.

The motivation for creating the EZ Auction software was to support Peninsula College during the state wide Combined Fund Drive (CFD). For the past two years it has been used to run an internal silent auction for the campus with great success. How can we help you with your fund raisers?

What makes this Auction unique? A real time component that monitors items that are waiting to open or close and sends the appropriate notifications. Some Auction sites require current traffic to allow them to run the code to close an auction at the appropriate time. If your auction is supposed to close at midnite, but there are no hits until 9am the next day, it may not actually close until then. With this software, when you set an item to close at midnite, it closes then regardless of traffic.

To run the Auction software on your site, the following is required:

  • Windows server capable of running ASP.NET applications
  • A windows server that can have the background service installed onto it (generally the same server)
  • IIS (Internet Information Services) needs to be installed on the server to host ASP.NET web pages
  • Less than 5 Meg hard drive space required to hold the application, and additional hard drive space for the auction images (proportional to the size of the images and the number of items in the auction).

    Features include:
  • Three part architecture: Auction, Admin, and Background Service
  • Individual bid minimums and bid increments
  • Individual start and end dates
  • Real time monitoring and notifications for closing items
  • Easy entry of items
  • Full size images for each item
  • Masking of user name to add mystery to the process
  • We will custom integrate with your favorite payment processing gateway for an additional fee
  • E-mail notifications when you bid, are out bid, and when you win
  • Free upgrades for a year!!!

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